Office of the Dean

Welcome to the Faculty of Physical Sciences, University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria

The Faculty of Physical Sciences, contains some of the Foundation Departments at the University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria. I wish to welcome you to the Faculty of Physical Sciences.
Currently, there are five Departments in the Faculty of Physical Sciences. The five Departments are:
1. Department of Chemistry
2. Department of Computer Science
3. Department of Geology
4. Department of Mathematics
5. Department of Physics.
Each Department offers courses leading to BSc Degree in at least one discipline. The Faculty has a prospectus which contains the combination of courses that students are required to take and pass in order to qualify for the award of a chosen degree. Therefore, it is imperative for students to read carefully the prospectus and seek clarification when they are in doubt. Course Advisers are available in each Department and at each Level of Study to provide assistance to students. Students should take advantage of the presence of these key University staff based in their Department. A course lecturer may or may not be in your Department.

It is worth pointing out that the pass mark for all examinations in the Faculty is 45% for all students admitted into the Faculty from 2013/2014 Session. Further, there is no more Pass Degree. Please note that the University has zero tolerance for examination malpractice. Each case of examination malpractice has a prescribed punished. Therefore, avoid examination malpractice. There is a Student handbook provided by the University to all fresh students. The handbook provides additional information on conduct and behavioral issues while a student is in the University.

Each student should know that there are University regulations governing temporary withdrawal from the University. You must apply before departing and the University can only grant one year at a time. Please submit your medical report promptly if you are away for medical reasons.

On behalf of members of the Faculty of Physical Sciences, I welcome you to the Faculty of Physical Sciences, University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria.


Prof.  A. P. Oviawe